Tasos Eros Batsioulas


Tasos Eros Batsioulas was born in 1990 in Thessaloniki, where he still lives. After studying Computer Engineering for one year, he quitted Politecnico di Torino for photography and he returned back to Greece. In 2013, he got a BA in photography from the University of Lancashire. Since then, he has been working as a photographer, mostly as an advertising and fashion photographer. In 2009, he provided Marco Abundo’s book, called “Reset”, with some of his photographs.

He has participated in photography contests as a volunteer. In 2013, he participated as a photographer in a project, called “Open your eyes”. This project, which was organized by two students of the City College, University of Sheffield, attempted to raise awareness for cancer. “Discover Romania” was a project that took place in 2015. Being organized by AIESEC, its principal objective was to promote tourism in Bucharest. “Short meetings” is a show on YouTube, created by Tasos, where he talks about every day and existential problems with the people next door.