Stelios Parliaros

Pastry Chef

Stelios Parliaros was born in Constantinople. After graduating the gymnasium (lower secondary school) he moves to Athens to study. Discovering confectionery he decides to dedicate himself to it. He studies pastry making at Ecole le nôtre at Paris, at Ritz hotel’s Escoffier school, at Lyon’s Varlohna school and at the renowned Fauchon patisserie. At 1982 he establishes his own pastry shop shifting Greece’s conventional confectionery.

He teaches in seminars professional and amature pastry chefs. He has also participated in exhibitions combining the art of pastry making together with fine arts, such as sculpture.
In 1999 he cooperates with the publishing house “J.Sideris” under which he publishes his first book “Eukrates geuseis” (Temperate Flavors) dedicated to the greek raw products. 9 books on the art of pastry making will follow.

In November 2008 he makes his first television debut at his own educational show, called “Sweet Alchemies”.

Although his studies continue to be French oriented he keeps himself informed about global confectionery, something that has led him to a personal path of particular proclivities in combining techniques and ingredients without ever excluding the Greek products.

Celebrating a 40 year career at the field of pastry making he is about to publish a new book commemorating all those 40 “sweet” years and not only…