Panos Konstantopoulos

Infographic Designer

Panos Kostantopoulos was born in 1972. He studied graphic design in Athens. He started his career as a designer for the “Epsilon” magazine of “Kiriakatiki Eleutherotipia” newspaper. In 1996 he transferred to the graph department of “Eleutherotipia” where he worked until 2008. He worked as an art director for the TV station “Alpha” from 2000 up until 2007 and as an art consultant for the Athenian Opera House since 2001. He has designed several maps for travel magazines and travel guides and published 14 personal books. In 2002 in the EBGE (Greek Graphic Design and Illustration Awards) competition he was awarded for his charts in “Eleutherotipia” and for his design for the literary magazine “Vivliothiki”. In 2008, 2009 and 2012 he has been awarded for his charts in “Kathimerini” newspaper by the European Newspaper Awards in Vienna, and in 2018 by the Botsis Foundation for his overall presence in press designing infographics. From 2008 until 2015 he was responsible for the designs in the design and maps department of “Kathimerini” newspaper. He has also worked at ETHNOS, at the Athens News Agency, at ERT (Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation) designing infographics for the central newscast, and at other news sites. He is the head of grammabooks publishing, member of the greekinfographics team, and he directs the gr design magazine.

Zoi Katsigianni

Infographic Designer

Zoi Katsigianni was born in Volos and studied at the Department of Graphic Design at the School of Graphic Arts and Artistic Studies of the Athenian National Technical University.. From 1987 and for the next 24 years she would work at the “Eleutheros Tipos” newspaper atelier. In the beginning, she was involved in designing the newspapers’ pages and setting up its inserts and magazines. Later on, she has occupied with the front page of the newspaper, staying in charge for 15 years. Since 2006 she is mainly designing infographics. She has designed corporate and commercial graphic products for Greek companies. She was, also, involved in both publishing and designing newspapers. For her designs that were published in Eleutheros Tipos she has been distinguished by EBGE (Greek Graphic Design and Illustration Awards), in the European Newspaper Awards for a total of 14 designs, and from the Botsis Institution for her overall presence in the press designing infographics. She is a member of Journalists’ Union of Athens Daily Newspapers.