Nikos Ziogas


Nikos Ziogas was born in 1986 in Florina, Greece.

He has worked as a director of photography in many film and television productions.

He has, recently,  directed the short film Spring (2018, 10′), which premiered at the 21st Thessaloniki International Documentary Festival, and has also been accepted at International festivals abroad.

He took part in several projects about humans living on the margin of life. Homeless, refugees, immigrants. The last years, he has filmed mostly the -still ongoing- refugee crisis during the Syrian war, following people trying to find their new life.

Nikos Ziogas is based in Athens, travelling around the world filming stories of people that need to be said, trying to make Earth a better place through stories and images.

He is also directing two feature-length US-produced documentaries to be completed in 2019  and recently completed a follow-up work with Walk With Me filmed in Peru and Chile.