Kostis Zafeirakis

Journalist & Presenter

Saturday born. Vegetarian since childhood. Pretty much a journalist. I present the TV show “Apopse kanis bam” (“Tonight you make a bam”) on ERT3. From time to time I get up on stage, with my own comedic – literary texts, and narrate stories that have (not) happened. My new storytelling performance: “Krouaziera” (“Cruise”)- and before that “Agelades kai Diafotismos” (“Cows and Enlightenment”). I’ve gained a lot of experience in everything-Greece, being a vivere pericolosamente traveller – presenter, for “Exodus”, “Oksigono” (“Oxygen”), “I love GR” shows on ERT3 and SKAI. I’ve written countless scripts for travel documentaries, for example “Ellada Α – Ω” (“Greece Alpha – Omega”)- COSMOTE TV. Editor-in-chief and presenter of “reservoir doc”, a political – cultural documentary series about Thessaloniki- Thessaloniki Municipal Television TV100. I love and constantly research Greek music, from Roza Eskenazi up to Fivos Delivoria. I spend a lot of time on the radio waves, as a journalist and music producer- right now I’m on the “Minima” (“Message”) radio station. I collaborate, as a walker, with the “Thessaloniki Walking Tours” team, showing travellers (native and foreign) the gastronomical culture, history and excellence of Loxandra- Thessaloniki. I like to stroll around the cities of the world, observing. I write travel and other stories for websites and magazines (“Greece is” and “Taksidia” (“Travels”) of “Kathimerini”, GLOW, “Paratiritis tis Thrakis” (“Thrace observer”), “Paralaxi” (“Parallax”), “praximag”…). I create scripts for series- for example “Ena milo tin imera” (“An apple a day”)- ERT. I also insist that “I pio megali ora einai tora” (“The biggest hour is now”, it’s high time)- a song by Akis Panos is also a solid phrase- chant, for even better days and nights